Swiss IoT Guidelines for Smart Buildings

The project is a follow-up of the Digital Switzerland Challenge bet „IoT meets FM“, that was launched on April 3rd 2017. This 1-year bet was led by Roger Krieg (Datamind Advisory) and Jöri Engel (Head Real Estate at Swisscom). It was supported by real estate professionals, utilities and telecom operators. In April 2018, the project was successfully completed and the results were presented at the annual Digital Switzerland Conference. The identified use cases showed that improvements could be achieved through the use of IoT.

Yet, by rolling out the 5G standard by the end of the year, many new IoT-driven FM opportunities will be made possible faster than initially planned. In the future, telecom operators will operate 5G networks in real estate objects and will be able to crosslink buildings and users information through their networks.

This „Swiss IoT Guideline for SmartBuildings“ initiative ensures the constructive collaboration between telecom operators, hardware suppliers, real estate developers end engineering companies.

Existing references:

  • Process and Performance Model (ProLeMo)
  • SIA 113
  • oneM2M Ecosystem (see an use case here)

The objectives

The “Swiss IoT Standard for smartbuildings” will be linked to the Process and Performance Model (ProLeMo) and SIA 113 guidelines, both recognized real estate documents in Switzerland. In order to cover the topic as completely as possible, a cooperation between companies in different market segments is necessary. The final goal is to publish a guideline that help the real estate sector to operate IoT-based FM as efficiently as possible, considering the complete life cycle of the building.

  • Definition of interfaces and API’s with building platform operators, telecommunications providers, data service providers.
  • Integration of IoT technical requirements in the planning process
  • Definition of risk and sensitivity profiles and the resulting definition of guidelines.
  • Requirements for sensors, communication, interfaces and data networks.
  • Classification of IoT applications in terms of data intensity, type of use, confidentiality and risk classes.
smartimmo_Architektur Modell IoT-Ready

Source: AWK Group, Architecture Model IoT Ready


Program Kick-Off / WS / Draft Table of ContentSeptember 3rd 2019
On-boarding Project partners / Teams within the Partner programUntil middle of October
Start WorkgroupsOctober 15th 2019
Follow-up Meetup à Present first outcomes

Objective: Agreement on updated Table of Content

December 2nd 2019
Follow-up Meetup à Present further development, Exchange with peers, NetworkingFebruary 3rd, 2020
Final Meetup à Final draft VersionMarch 30th 2020
Presentation SmartSuisseApril 18th-19th  2020
Presentation DigitalSwitzerland Annual ConferenceApril 2020
Publication through FM partner associationsUntil June 2020

Partner program

The program is not a proprietary company solution, but shall be broadly supported by the telecom sector, real estate developer, hardware industry and engineering community. In that respect the program is dependent on your support as program partner.

Advantages for partners

  • Influence: Partners form a decision-making body in which the contents of the „IoT Standard Switzerland“ are developed through active participation and exchange.
  • Technical Expertise: Partners profit from collaborative work with peers and from networking Events during the whole creation process
  • Marketing / Positioning: Partners have the opportunity to present their work at national networking platforms
  • Free access to Coworking Spaces from Office LAB for workgroups

Cost Participation Initiative “Swiss IoT Guidelines for Smartbuildings” : 3000 CHF / partner

The contribution covers program coordination, communication, initiative network events, etc.

Project organisation

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