«Swiss IoT Guidelines for Smart Buildings»

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The objectives

The “Swiss IoT Standard for smartbuildings” will be linked to the Process and Performance Model (ProLeMo) and SIA 113 guidelines, both recognized real estate documents in Switzerland. In order to cover the topic as completely as possible, a cooperation between companies in different market segments is necessary. The final goal is to publish a guideline that help the real estate sector to operate IoT-based FM as efficiently as possible, considering the complete life cycle of the building.

  • Definition of interfaces and API’s with building platform operators, telecommunications providers, data service providers.
  • Integration of IoT technical requirements in the planning process
  • Definition of risk and sensitivity profiles and the resulting definition of guidelines.
  • Requirements for sensors, communication, interfaces and data networks.
  • Classification of IoT applications in terms of data intensity, type of use, confidentiality and risk classes.
smartimmo_Architektur Modell IoT-Ready

Source: AWK Group, Architecture Model IoT Ready